Is open the call for papers to the EducA-International Catholic Journal of Education, issue nº 5 .

This new issue will be dedicated to the theme “The future of the middle: education 12-17 years.

With so many transformations in today’s society, the segment of school education that has been challenged the most is not primary education nor is it higher education, but rather the middle, education form 12 to 17 years, also called secondary (lower and upper) education.

EducA dedicates its next number to this important theme.

What new perspectives and reforms are there and what research and results.

(new) Young adolescents and (old) educational systems.

Pathways and tracks…The research about differentiation and its results.

The structure and the individual: what links and barriers?

The main curriculum changes and with what results.

Vocational education, career education and compreensive school: what is going on in different contexts and countries?

What new conceptions of compulsory education?


The conditions of submission are described here.

Deadline until 30th April 2019, to the e-mail:


Call for papers nº 6 April 2020

“Teacher Training: challenges and new approaches”

The conditions of submission are described here.

Deadline until January 2020, to the e-mail: