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The renewed human dimension of the school in the digital era

António Dias de Figueiredo

Recent advances in digital technologies, algorithms, and machine learning cause both excitement and concern. Excitement, because they offer a world full of social and economic promise. Concern, because they can result in immensely harmful effects. Our schools play a core role in preparing the next generations for this transformation, but the territory is uncharted, and no one knows how to explore it. This article attempts to lift the veil on the issue by proposing a conciliation between the cultural appropriation of digital technologies and the renewal of the human dimension in schools.

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Civic and Citizenship Education in a changing world. The role of teachers and schools in a digital era

Gabriella Agrusti

Quoting the Italian jurist Piero Calamandrei, we can rightly say that school is a constitutional body. A place where, at least in our expectations, it is possible to remove obstacles, to fight inequalities and to assign value to individual differences. In sum, a school open to all and for all. As always, it is quite difficult to translate in practice general principles, as constraints and lack of resources can play an important role in downgrading the prospects. There is undoubtedly a gap between what school can rightly promote and what is actually conveyed, particularly when it comes to civic and citizenship education.

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