Board of direction

The board is responsible for the coordination and general management of the journal and of the Advisory Council and the Scientific Committee, for the journal quality assurance. The Board also is responsible for the sustainability of the project.
Joaquim Azevedo
Catholic University of Portugal, Member of the ACISE administration board
Cristina Palmeirão
Catholic University of Portugal

Advisory Council

Composed by the peer-reviewers. This team of teachers, experts and researchers is responsible to support the journal doing the evaluation of the articles submitted to publication.
Ana Maria Correira (Macau-China)
Angeles Blanco Blanco (España)
Belén Urosa Sanz (España)
Britt-Mari Barth (France)
Christian Jamet (France)
Eleanora Badilla (Costa Rica)
François-Xavier Hubert (France)
Isabel Baptista (Portugal)
Javier M. Valle (España)
Jorge Baeza Correa (Chile)
José Manuel Vázquez Romero (España)
José Pedro Amorim (Portugal)
Juan Carlos Torre (España)
Luciano Caimi (Italia)
Pedro Alvarez (España)
Tomas Jablonsky (Slovakia)

Scientific Committee

Composed by teachers and researchers in education, all over the world. This team is responsible for the advice in the selection of the themes of the journal and cooperate with the board of direction in the identification of peer-reviewers and coordinators of the themes of the journal.
Anne Therese Falkenstine (Taiwan)
Bart Mcgettrick (UK)
Brice Bini (Côte d’Ivoire)
Diego Chacón (Costa Rica)
Georges Hobeika (Liban)
Giuseppe Tognon (Italia)
Giuseppina del Core (Italia)
José Ignacio Prats Mora (España)
Laurent Téssier (France)
Marian Nowak (Poland)
Martins Vilanculos (Moçambique)
Maryse Tannous Jomaa (Macau/China)
Michel Söetard (France)
Giuseppe Tognon (Italia)