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Education inclusive et nouvelles technologies: l’enseignement à distance au service du développement intégral de l’étudiant?

Fabienne Serina-Karsky, Myriam Kettani & Augustin Mutuale

In the context of the global health crisis caused by COVID-19, the issue of distance learning, while not new, has nevertheless become a common issue in the pedagogical continuity we have had to ensure for our students. Based on the faculty project Inclusive Educational Community, in which our teaching, training and research activities are embedded, we present the paths and challenges posed by distance learning with regard to the integral development of the student in a university community.

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Religiosity as a coping resource during the COVID-19 crisis among Catholic University students

Klaudia Martynowska & Dorota Kornas-Biela

This study focused on university students, mostly young adults, coping with the challenges of academic learning, part time work and interpersonal adjustment, and on top of that – the abrupt change in learning methods and routines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Cuando ir al colegio ya no es posible: Luces y sombras de la utilización de la tecnología en la educación en entornos sociales vulnerables durante la pandemia Covid-19

Belén Urosa Sanz & Santa Lázaro Fernández

This work addresses the positive and negative aspects of the use of online teaching technologies with students living in environments of poverty during the Covid-19 pandemic. It analyzes the perception of the professionals in 34 socio-educational entities that carry out the program CaixaProInfancia to Fight Child Poverty in Madrid, specifically in its subprograms for Educational Reinforcement and Non-Formal Education.

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