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Religiosity as a coping resource during the COVID-19 crisis among Catholic University students

Klaudia Martynowska & Dorota Kornas-Biela

This study focused on university students, mostly young adults, coping with the challenges of academic learning, part time work and interpersonal adjustment, and on top of that – the abrupt change in learning methods and routines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Cuando ir al colegio ya no es posible: Luces y sombras de la utilización de la tecnología en la educación en entornos sociales vulnerables durante la pandemia Covid-19

Belén Urosa Sanz & Santa Lázaro Fernández

This work addresses the positive and negative aspects of the use of online teaching technologies with students living in environments of poverty during the Covid-19 pandemic. It analyzes the perception of the professionals in 34 socio-educational entities that carry out the program CaixaProInfancia to Fight Child Poverty in Madrid, specifically in its subprograms for Educational Reinforcement and Non-Formal Education.

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