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Catholic schools and inclusive education in Macao: a journey of a thousand miles

Correia, Ana M. | Teixeira, Vitor S.

Since the establishment of St. Paul’s College, the first Western-like University in East Asia, Catholic education has had an enduring presence in Macao’s educational landscape. Filling the gap in educational provision during the period of Portuguese administration, Catholic schools still comprise 36.4% of the non-tertiary educational service delivery in the Macao Special Administrative Region.

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Being Open to Those with Less: Academic Outcomes of Disadvantaged Pupils Attending Catholic Schools in England

Andrew Morris

Despite there being significant numbers of state maintained Catholic schools in England, they have proved to be of interest only to a minority of empirical researchers, usually those directly involved in their promotion. Recent government initiatives encouraging further provision of schools with a religious character have proved controversial and have prompted interest in their comparative academic performance.

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